Once Loved, Loved Again

Once Loved, Loved Again is my responsible way to take my craft and honor memories by creating more of them. Working one on one with you and crafting a piece that now tells your story.

Starting a new project is easy just email Info@lorenceledonia.com with information about your idea. Include any relevant inspiration pictures or sketches, budget, and images of the pieces that you are considering using.

Once we have confirmation of the project, we will send you a waiver stating you’re giving permission to dismantle your jewelry pieces. The jewelry can be shipped. Please insure your shipment and notify us with the tracking # or you can request a Loren Celedonia insured secure package system to be sent out to you.

Loren Celedonia Jewelry can work with Any Gold or Platinum Jewelry with or without precious and semi-precious stones. Recycling is an extremely labor-intensive practice. Keep in mind you will save on the cost of the stones and any metals we are able to use but there are fees for the removal, breakdown, and refurbishing of your materials, along with design fees and the cost of additional materials.

An in-person or virtual appointment will be set. Loren will bring to life your vision in sketches, and make recommendations based on her 27 years in the Gem & Jewelry industry. Loren is also a GIA Graduate Gemologist who can also assist with appraisals and the re-cutting of damaged stones. 

Once your new heirloom is complete: We will ship it to your specified address. The package will be trackable and insured. You will receive all tracking and shipping information in advance.

So How Much Does all this cost? 
These projects normally start at $1000. The final balance will include the design fee, production fee, and additional materials. It really depends on what you decide to make.